Mountain Moving at Mountain Fest

The Mountain Fest was a great experience and success this year.It began with returning to Camp Muir and putting one sticker on RMI’s shack under a big, blue and clear sky, with open snow fields below and memories everywhere.
Back in Ashford the grassroots efforts of the foundation to raise money for rescue equipment and training began with a communal dinner in the employee housing. Basically, everyone offered any food that they had. Every bit of effort resulted in a feast and a celebration of the mountaineering feast and remembering Federico Campanini.
The next two days at Mountain Fest were emotional and fruitful as we were able to raise money to getting closer to our goals. We sold t-shirts and hats made by Katy Laveck.

Others gave some donations of what they could.
Eric Schafer participated in a speed boulder climb at the festival and donated his winnings ($75) to the foundation.

Thanks to everyone who helped in the efforts to keep moving Aconcagua.

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