At Plaza de Mulas base camp organizing the project

We left on December 25th for Aconcagua and arrived yesterday at Plaza de Mulas base camp. Thus far, the community here has been amazing. Everyone has offered help and support with what we are trying to do. The most important effort that will have to continue and have to be fostered for a long time is the continued effort to take care of the rescue caches and the equipment inside. The caches are there to help people who have an emergency and for no other reason. Since being here, I have observed a lot of climbers who are trying to summit alone and too fast. This is unfortunate because it puts everyones life in danger.

The plan is to stay two more days here to acclimatize and to then begin ascending to Nido de Condores.

´Tomorrow the community here which includes guides, porters, the camp crew, the park rangers, the medics, and the Search and Rescue rangers are getting together to discuss the project and how they can continue working together to keep this mountain safe.

More to come…

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