In Argentina, without clothes or equipment, but I still have hope

I arrived on Monday in Argentina, but unfortunately, my luggage did not, this includes 4 Skeds, 3 oxygen tanks, two stoves, 20 emergency sleeping bags and 30 emergency blankets for Aconcagua. I am confident that soon it will all arrive.
I was supposed to meet with the Aconcagua Park authorities today but there was a strike and the positions in the park are changing. I am still not sure if this is a positive or negative fact. Tomorrow I am meeting with Pablo Portuso, co-director of the Park to organize the logistics of changing the caches. It isn’t a simple project. Aconcagua is a mountain of 22, 841ft. The three caches are at about 17, 500ft., 21,000ft, and 22,000ft. My intention is to ascend to base camp and then to the first two caches in order to see how they really are. Is there still equipment in them? Has it truly been used for its original purpose? But, in order to even get to base camp will take some logistical support and manpower. Hopefully I will be able to explain the organization of the plan after the meeting tomorrow. Yes, more to come, including the equipment, hopefully.

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