A protocol for Aconcagua

Rescue and Emergency Protocol Aconcagua Provincial Park:

Rescue Protocol Aconcagua Provincial Park:

Aconcagua Provincial Park (PPA) is widely recognized within the world of mountaineering. Each season thousands of people attend with the goal of reaching the highest peak on the continent (with the subsequent potential risk that this implies). Hence, the urgent need for the PPA to implement an Emergency protocol. The protocol must contain a set of instruments, in an emergency, to facilitate the implementation of procedures to promote the coordinated and efficient use of all available human and material resources. These resources should be appropriate material in sufficient quantity and found in different parts of the mountain. Moreover, human resources must have adequate training to use these material resources in an efficient and professional manner.

What to include in the protocol:

* Organization (General Coordinator, sub coordinators, coordinator at the scene, rescue officials and volunteers). Tasks and responsibilities.
* Steps to take in the scene.
* Steps to follow when receiving the emergency call.
* Levels of emergency response.
* Coordination of Patrol Rescue Rangers, Medical Service and volunteers.
* Lists (with information on how to ask for help, record communications, business plan, registration of helicopter flights, equipment borrowed and returned, registering volunteers and functions, etc.).
* Risk Management.
* Medical Protocol (drug use, and triage).
* Post-rescue.

Examples of old Aconcagua protocols (in spanish):

Protocol 1

Protocol 2

Gestion de protocolo de emergencia

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