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Off to Aconcagua to keep moving mountains

In January 2009, a tragic mountaineering accident occurred on Mt. Aconcagua, Argentina that ended in Federico Campanini’s death. However, something must come from tragedy. As a result, the “El Fede” Campanini Foundation with a mission to prevent unnecessary accidents in the future. In January 2010, one year after the accident, the foundation returned to Aconcagua with the goal of installing three strategic rescue caches on the mountain. As you can read on the website,the mission was successful and resulted in saving the life of a woman just one hour after the highest cache was being installed.
It is now December 15th, 2013, almost five years after Federico’s death, and the caches continue saving lives every season on the mountain. In fact, they have been used so much that much of the equipment needs to be replaced. I, Amber Christensen, the founder of the foundation, leave today with that mission. I will be in Mendoza on December 17th and hope to begin meetings with the Park system to arrange the logistics of the project as altitude will make everything more complicated. I will also continue to try and work on implementing a working protocol for the foundation.
The foundation would like to thank:
Bud Calkin, the owner of SkedCo for donating 4 Skeds and 4 splinter kits.
Remote Medical International for donating two oxygen tanks as well as giving discounts on other supplies such as regulators and emergency blankets.
Advocare for donating hydration products
RMI for its financial contribution

I hope to keep updates on this blog while I am down there so please look for posts here and send me and this project energy and support!

To Moving Mountains!

November 15th: The Aconcagua season officially begins today

Today, November 15th, is the official start date of the Aconcagua season. Unfortunately, the season will begin with fewer park rangers due to a strike. The park rangers are asking for better pay as well as better working conditions.
Such issues continue to affect the infrastructure of this mountain. However, the “El Fede” Campanini” foundation hopes that individuals, companies, and other organizations that work on this mountain will continue in their efforts to make the mountain safer. Here’s to a safe season.

In December, the “El Fede” foundation will go to Aconcagua

The purpose of the trip is to continue to improve the efforts to make this mountain safer. The 3 rescue caches that were installed in January 2010–one year after Federico Campanini’s death–have had immense success in aiding the rescues on the mountain.
The amount of rescues and evacuations that this mountain sees is astounding, over 200 is a normal amount. Unfortunately, Aconagua’s 2013 seasons was also touched by tragedy and death. As a result, the rescue caches have been depleted. The foundation’s goal is to return and change the containers as well as refill them with necessary equipment such as oxygen, Skeds and first aid kits.

Mountain Fest Ashford, Washington 2012

The “El Fede” Campanini Foundation participated, once again, in Ashford, Washington’s annual Mountain Fest, September 14-15. The foundation sold hats made by mountain climber/guide Katy Laveck and raised a bit of funds to help in the foundation’s ongoing efforts to move Aconcagua, as well as other commercial mountains, towards adequate rescue standards.

Thank you to RMI and everyone else that helped support the foundation’s presence at the festival.

1st Mountain Conference in Mendoza, Argentina

The first Mountain Conference was held in Mendoza, Argentina from August 3-5th. The conference featured Argentine climbers, workshops on high-altitude medicine, as well as information sessions on mountain safety, rescue and future projects for the national parks in Argentina.

Mountain Moving at Mountain Fest

The Mountain Fest was a great experience and success this year.It began with returning to Camp Muir and putting one sticker on RMI’s shack under a big, blue and clear sky, with open snow fields below and memories everywhere.
Back in Ashford the grassroots efforts of the foundation to raise money for rescue equipment and training began with a communal dinner in the employee housing. Basically, everyone offered any food that they had. Every bit of effort resulted in a feast and a celebration of the mountaineering feast and remembering Federico Campanini.
The next two days at Mountain Fest were emotional and fruitful as we were able to raise money to getting closer to our goals. We sold t-shirts and hats made by Katy Laveck.

Others gave some donations of what they could.
Eric Schafer participated in a speed boulder climb at the festival and donated his winnings ($75) to the foundation.

Thanks to everyone who helped in the efforts to keep moving Aconcagua.

Mountain Fest September 10th-11th

Come join the Mountain Festival on September 10th and 11th in Ashford, Washington. The festival will have feature well-known mountaineers talking about their experiences and adventures in the mountains. The foundation will also be there trying to raise awareness and funds for future projects on Aconcagua, such as implementing a protocol and medical and rescue training.

Tribute Climb canceled

Unfortunately, the Tribute Climb on August 30-31st has been canceled. Sometimes mountain moving means just being there for a loved one. It may be scheduled for next week before Mountain Fest in Ashford, Washington on September 10th and 11th. I will be at Mountain Fest with the hopes of raising awareness and funds for improvements of Aconcagua’s rescue system. Come to Mountain Fest or donate to our cause, or at least, be safe in the mountains.

Tribute Climb for El Fede on August 30-31st

A tribute climb to honor Federico Campanini will be on August 30-31. It is also our intent to raise awareness for organized Search and Rescues on Aconcagua as well as the funds to continue our endeavors to implement an emergency protocol and rescue training for those that work on the mountain. Please donate to our cause today on the website and help us to continue moving mountains.
Ever little bit helps…


August 5th has been deemed Mountaineer Day in Argentina. On this day do something mountaineer-esque that will help promote safety in the mountains.
-Donate to the “El Fede” Campanini Foundation who is trying to implement an emergency protocol for the 2011-2012 season
-Teach a fellow, yet perhaps new mountaineer a safety technique
-Read up on new self-rescue techniques
-Take a refresher CPR, First Aid or wilderness first aid course
-Check out CIMA’s new weather website

“Your mountain is waiting so get on your way”