Proper training is a fundamental part of an effective emergency rescue system.

Potential future projects by organizations dedicated to improving mountain rescue:

-Remote Medical, based in Seattle, Washington has offered their time and resources to organize a rescue training course.

-Dr. Ramón Chiocconi, doctor and mountain guide, is also trying to organize a high-altitude medical course on Aconcagua in the future.  He would like to involve specialists in the field from Europe and other interested organizations. Please contact Dr. Ramón Chiocconi at:

-The “El Fede” Campanini Foundation is discussing with Aconcagua Park the organization of a course before the beginning of the 2010-11 season for the Search and Rescue and the Park Service. The foundation is prepared to pay for the course with the condition that with this gesture, the Park service and the Search and Rescue continue with continual training.

-The course would consist of medicine (WFR), high angle rescue, and risk management.

-Please contact or leave your comments and ideas in the Forum section for ideas on how to organize such a course.

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