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Recent News Stories (all can be translated into English from the page):

“The mountaineers finally arrive to Mendoza”
January 21, 2011 Finalmente, los andinistas llegaron a salvo a la ciudad

January 20, 2011 Campanini

“Belén Pedernera, rescued on Aconcagua”
January 21, 2011 Belén Pedernera, rescatada en el Aconcagua: Me resigné a la muerte

“Should there be a charge for rescues?”
January 20, 2011¿Se empezarán a cobrar los rescates?

“The rescued mountaineers speak”
January 20, 2011 Hablaron los andinistas rescatados: La espera es muy angustiante

“The mountaineers have been found and they have begun their descent”
January 20, 2011 Encontraron a los andinistas en el Aconcagua y empieza el descenso

“Stranded mountaineers”
January 19, 2011 Andinistas varados

“Mendoza does not rule out the possibility of charging for rescues on Aconcagua”
January 19, 2011

“It is believed that there are two mountaineers stranded on Aconcagua”
January 18, 2011 Presumen que hay dos andinistas atrapados en el Aconcagua

“Elena: The highest shelter on Aconcagua”
January 8, 2011 Inauguraron “Elena”, el refugio más alto del Aconcagua

“A shelter is inaugurated to commemorate Elena”
January 7, 2011 Inauguran un refugio en conmemoración de Elena

“Better safety is imminent after Campanini”
January 7, 2011 Aconcagua: más seguridad después de Campanini

“The body of the American mountaineer has been recovered”
December 29, 2010 Aconcagua: concluyó el rescate del cuerpo del andinista estadounidense

“The first victim of the season is Spanish”
December 22, 2010 La primera víctima de la temporada en el Aconcagua es española

“The most chosen mountain for vacation”
December 12, 2010 La montaña, la más elegida para las vacaciones

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