EL FEDE peak

EL FEDE peak (5147 msnm/16, 900ft)

Route established by: Gabriel Barral, Pedro Rossell, Juan Pablo Scarpa, Javier Gutiérrrez, Alcides Massa y Pablo González

From October 8-October 22 a group of Argentine mountaineers as well as close friends of Fede’s will attempt the first ascent of one of the virgin peaks in the Quebrada de la Jaula” in the Andes in Mendoza, Argentina. In 2004, Federico and his close friend, Gabriel (who also forms part of the current group) opened a new route in this area. The expedition impacted Federico profoundly due to the difficulties encountered during the expedition. Because of this, Federico’s friends decided to organize another expedition and return to La Jaula in honor of Federico. On October 18, we received news that the group had a successful summit. Congratulations!

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